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Lil Duckies Tallahassee FL Pool Cleaning Service

Tallahassee Pool Cleaning

We provide top quality Tallahassee Pool Cleaning, Pool Maintenance, Repair, Water Chemistry, and everything related to improving your Tallahassee FL pool. Our guarantee is 5 star quality pool cleaning every time or your money back. We are confident that we will provide you with the best service possible whether your pool is modest, luxury, commercial, or just a spa. Our mission is to become the very best Pool company in Tallahassee and our reviews are proof that we stick to that promise. 

Our staff and owners are friendly and dedicated to not missing a detail when cleaning your pool. We ensure that adequate time is given to doing things the right way, not just the fastest cleaning possible. The best compliment we could receive is your recommendation to a friend and we want to earn it. If you have a particular service tech assigned to your pool and you believe they deserve a raise, please don't hesitate to leave them a review and they will be rewarded.

When we clean a pool we understand water chemistry and the science behind keeping a pool in top notch swimming condition.

Our District Manager "Cole", graduated from University of Central Florida with a Bachelors of Science with a concentration in Clinical Health and Immunology. His core studies included Biology, Chemistry, Virology, Microbiology, Pathology, Physiology, Pathophysiology, Infectious Diseases, Physics, Calculus, Epidemiology, Pharmacology, and subsequent labs for each. Cole was the top student in his Lab work at UCF for the study of Drosophila Melanogaster DNA replication and modification. Cole now holds a State License to Operate Pool Services and is a Certified Pool Operator for Commercial Pool Properties.

Rachel Lammey is the company CEO and the heart of the company. Rachel saw the need for a customer centric Tallahassee Pool Company that focused on 5 star customer service and keeping pools beautiful. Rachel understood that people spend large portions of their income to keep a beautiful pool because it is a source of joy for their family. We believe that a pool service should be just that, a source of joy. We strive to give 5 star rated service every visit and to make sure communication is open and each homeowner is satisfied and knowledgeable about their pool. Rachel Lammey owns DNX INTERNATIONAL a Freight Forwarding Company and Brokerage that delivers goods internationally via Air, Ocean, Rail, and Semi Trucks. She has applied her expertise in Logistics to Route Scheduling to ensure timely service is met, and customers never missed a cleaning.

Many of our Tallahassee FL Pool customers have come to us out of emergency, frustrated with a green pool or another service provider that has neglected to appear on time for regular pool cleaning. We want to make sure our customers are in control and are taken care of. We treat every pool we service as VIP, whether it's 500 gallons or 750,000 gallons. We will always take the time necessary to clean every part of the pool and system to ascertain preventative maintenance is upheld and the entire pool, pump, and filter remain is great condition.


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